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The Hounds of the Lord

Welcome to Providence College! You might not know that when the College was founded more than 100 years ago, some of those first students started a secret society, the Hounds of the Lord.

The group — responsible for some of the most infamous pranks in Friartown — has continued every year, with invitations offered to students who correctly figured out where the first meeting would be held, based on clues discovered during Orientation.

The Hounds are still recruiting! Do you have what it takes to join? Solve the puzzles at each location of this tour and see if you can figure out the location of their meetings.

Remember, good puzzlemasters take note of clues they find along the way …

Detail of the Phelan Gates at River Avenue, highlighting the letters PC

Before the tour begins …

As you wait for the tour to get started, you look down and see a scrap of paper blowing around on the ground. You pick it up and read the mysterious text.

Cryptogram, with a blank answer key above and a series of letters below

Harkins exterior dusk aerial sunset evening architectural

Harkins Hall

Harkins Hall opened in 1919 with an iconic facade that is the face of Providence College. Today, the building remains a hub for academic classrooms and administrative offices, including the Office of Admission. The building is named in honor of Rt. Rev. Matthew Harkins, D.D., bishop of Providence at the time of the College’s founding in 1917.

In the beginning, there was a prototype. From Gothic design to stained glass adornments, this historic gem holds the key to the deepest mysteries of the Friar past. The year of major women’s suffrage victory in the United States.

Need a clue? Read this to find the answer.

The Providence College Science Complex

PC Science Complex

The Science Complex is home to some of Providence College’s most popular majors including biology, psychology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental biology, applied physics, and the 3+2 engineering program. Designed with student collaboration in mind, an addition to the Science Complex opened in fall 2018, and renovations to the existing building are ongoing. These enhancements have modernized the learning experience for students in the sciences through upgrades in laboratory space, technology-rich classrooms, a computer modeling and computational lab, a microscopy suite, and a student commons to encourage collaboration and conversation. Plans include a rooftop observatory that will double as an outdoor classroom.

Atop this site lies the vision of stars, planets, and galaxies beyond. But wait, there’s more … the study of lions, tigers, bears, galore! Come one, come all, and behold the secret to test and see … Mathematicians unite to solve the puzzle of what year between 2010 and 2020 does the latter part of the year follow the first part of the year by 2?

The Ruane Center for the Humanities at dusk

Ruane Center for the Humanities

Dedicated in 2013, the Ruane Center for the Humanities was designed and built with PC’s signature Development of Western Civilization curriculum in mind. It is also home to the School of Arts & Sciences and the Departments of English and History, as well as the Liberal Arts Honors Program.

Like the learning that goes on inside, this architectural jewel combines contemporary flourishes with ideas — or, in this case, design elements and classroom technology — that have stood the test of time. Seminar classrooms accommodate lectures, small-group work, and discussion-based learning, while tables in our lecture halls accommodate break-out sessions.

Divine truth and great light are upon the etchings of this structure, and sealed with a ring of veritas. Toward prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice we venture through this center for the people … How many directions are on a compass?

Phillips Memorial Library

Phillips Memorial Library

The Phillips Memorial Library provides dynamic and intuitive physical and virtual access to the world’s knowledge for the Providence College campus and its communities, in order to most directly support PC’s missions of interactive teaching, learning and research.

Brutalist in structure, we are reminded of the year of the moon landing and the sounds of the Beatles as we search within for the answers …

Need a clue? Read the history of the library.

Calabria Plaza at dusk
Calabria Plaza at dusk

Calabria Plaza

The Calabria Plaza, the newest addition to the campus landscape, features a stainless-steel flame that rises 33 feet above the Slavin Center lawn. Illuminated at night, it is a physical representation of the Providence College motto, Veritas — Truth — symbolized by a torch.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the brightest light of them all? The nexus, the heart, and the nucleus of Friartown, carries the spirit that binds one with another. What do Scottie Pippen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Shaquille O’Neil have in common?

Need a clue? Learn more about Calabria Plaza.

Aquinas Hall
Aquinas Hall

Aquinas Hall

Founded in 1939, Aquinas Hall was named after Saint Thomas Aquinas and is the first residence hall on the Providence College campus. Aquinas Hall is the second oldest building on campus, behind Harkins Hall. Initially, Aquinas Hall was furnished with a dining hall, recreation room, study lounge, and chapel. At the time of construction, the building was stated to cost $300,000.

Here we stand in memory of the Friar of Friars, and the pioneer of the Catholic tradition. In this structure, history lives … What year did WWII begin?

St. Dominic chapel
St. Dominic Chapel

St. Dominic Chapel

St. Dominic Chapel is the religious and spiritual heart of campus. Dedicated in February 2001 and named for St. Dominic de Guzman, founder of the Dominican Order, it incorporates a number of Romanesque and specifically Dominican features including stained-glass windows depicting the life of St. Dominic and notable Dominican and American saints. The chapel opens daily at 8 a.m. and stays open until 1 a.m. for private prayer and devotion, as well as for Mass. Our “Last Chance” Mass at 10 p.m. Sunday is most popular among our students. Our Campus Ministry Center is located in the lower level of the chapel. Through Campus Ministry, every PC student has the opportunity to connect, serve, and worship.

From Last Chance Mass to Dalmatians in stained glass, this beloved site is the heart and soul, the essence of the Friar spirit … The Golden Anniversary backwards.

The view from the Huxley Overlook, with Glay Field and the Providence skyline in the distance.
The view from the Huxley Overlook, with Glay Field and the Providence skyline in the distance.

Huxley Overlook

Previously a portion of a busy city street, the Huxley Overlook is now a popular spot to gather with friends or quietly study when the weather is warm. From this vantage point — flanked by landscaped pedestrian walkways and Glay Field — you can take in stunning views of the skyline of Providence, Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is a pretty unique place.

Students walk outside the Smith Center for the Arts
Smith Center for the Arts

Smith Center for the Arts

The Smith Center for the Arts houses offices and classrooms for the departments of Music and of Theatre, Dance, and Film, along with professional-caliber performing arts venues and rehearsal facilities such as the 283-seat Angell Blackfriars Theatre, the 110-seat John Bowab Studio Theatre, the 272-seat Ryan Concert Hall, and the Clark Dance Studio. Smith Center, a 60,000-square-foot architectural gem that anchors the eastern corner of campus, also is home to PC’s scene shop, costume shop, box office, prop and costume storage, as well as the Reilly Art Gallery, where students curate and mount exhibits.

As you enter, you notice the Angell Blackfriars Theatre. A plaque on the wall indicates that it was a gift from Lynn and David Angell. David Angell was a television producer known for sitcoms such as Cheers, Frasier, and Wings.

Mr. Angell’s not the only PC alum who made a name for himself in entertainment … can you guess the class years of these graduates?

  1. Jack Tretton
  2. Peter Farrelly
  3. Paul G. Tremblay
  4. David L. Angell
  5. John O’Hurley
  6. Hon. Frank Caprio
  7. Janeane Garafalo

Options: ’58 ’93 ’69 ’86 ’76 ’83 ’79

Aerial shot of the PC Art Walk, featuring a labyrinth as well as a sundial

Art Walk

The statue of St. Martin de Porres stands above the koi pond at the western end of PC’s Art Walk — the path between Hunt-Cavanagh Hall, home of the Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery and the Visual Resource Center, and the Service Building, which houses art studios and classrooms.

There, you can find an analemmatic sundial — in which a person serves as the gnomon, casting the shadow that indicates the time of day — as well as a labyrinth modeled after the one at the Gothic cathedral in Chartres, France.

Sundial outside Hunt-Cavanagh Hall, part of the PC Art Walk
A student casts a shadow to indicate the time on the sundial.
Detail of the labyrinth featuring the letters for the clue.
Find your way through the maze, beginning at “start here,” to spell the clue.

Students walk on the paths outside the Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies

Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies

PC exts 24.jpg

In keeping with the motto of the Providence College School of Business — Educating for a Future Based on “We” — the Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies was designed to foster community and collaboration. Symbolically located in the heart of campus, this 64,000-square-foot facility unites the renovated Dore Hall with a distinctly modern addition and serves as a “town hall” for students and faculty from all disciplines. Flexible seating and classrooms with open designs facilitate an active learning environment. Highlights include the Scanlon Financial Information Resources Lab, which features Bloomberg terminals that provide students with access to real-time trading information; collaboration rooms that support the team-centered elements of the PCSB curriculum; and the spacious, light-filled Palmisano Atrium.

Unscramble each of the clue words. Copy the letters in the numbered cells to other cells with the same number to reveal the clue.

Cryptogram for PCSB

Concannon Fitness Center and Ruane Atrium

Alumni Hall and Concannon Fitness Center

PC is committed to educating the whole student: mind, body, and soul. To that end, Concannon Fitness Center is an integral part of the student experience. This state-of-the-art facility provides 13,850 square feet of dedicated fitness space, along with 3,600 square feet designated for varsity student-athletes. Concannon boasts an array of cardio equipment, strength-training machines, and free weights, along with group fitness classes to fit almost any workout style.

Students play flag football
Students play intramural flag football.

Read about PC’s intramural sports tradition, and take a look at the roster of intramural options usually offered at PC.

Assign these students to the best sports for them from the options below.

  • Martin de Porres doesn’t play any sports in the fall.
  • Francis Howley doesn’t play any sport with a net.
  • Catherine Siena only plays individual sports.
  • Charlotte Phillips Prichard likes to swim.
  • Dominic de Guzman only plays Olympic sports.
  1. Inner-tube water polo
  2. Tennis (singles)
  3. Lacrosse
  4. Team handball
  5. Flag football

____ Martin de Porres
____ Francis Howley
____ Catherine of Siena
____ Charlotte Phillips Prichard
____ Dominic de Guzman

Student catches a frisbee outside the Slavin Center.

Slavin Center

Slavin Center, Providence College’s student union, is the social heart of campus. It is home to essential resources such as the Center for Career Education and Professional Development and the Office of Residence Life & Housing. It also houses offices for the myriad student clubs and organizations that enliven campus life. It’s not uncommon to stroll by a live radio broadcast on WDOM or an impromptu meeting of the Board of Programmers. In addition, Slavin houses a dizzying array of daily activities, including lectures and concerts (most often in ’64 Hall or McPhail’s). Hang out at Dunkin’, meet friends for a meal at the Alumni Food Court, grab some PC swag at the bookstore, or simply curl up on a cozy chair to study.

As you enter ’64 Hall, take a look at all the flags. Each flag represents the home country of students enrolled at the College.

flags '64 Hall
Flags in ’64 Hall
11 International flags

_____ China
_____ Poland
_____ Cameroon
_____ Finland
_____ Canada
_____ Nigeria
_____ Philippines
_____ Cuba
_____ Turkey
_____ Australia
_____ Mexico

A view of the Ruane Friar Development Center from the Ray Treacy Track
A view of the Ruane Friar Development Center from the Ray Treacy Track

Ruane Friar Development Center

The Ruane Friar Development Center, named for benefactors Michael A. Ruane ’71 & ’13Hon. and his wife, Elizabeth, is a multi-purpose building designed to enhance Friar athletics, student services, and College community life. The facility includes a 56,000-square-foot, two-court practice facility for men’s basketball and improvements for other student-athletes, including an Innovation Lab, an expanded Canavan Sports Medicine Center and a student-athlete fueling station. Other highlights include an athletic training center, offices, a Friar Athletics Hall of Fame, and a statue of legendary PC men’s basketball coaches Joe Mullaney ’65Hon. & ’98Hon. and Dave Gavitt ’89Hon., located outside the entrance patio. The large patio serves as a venue for outdoor functions and an impressive backdrop to the Ray Treacy Track at Hendricken Field.

There are so many PC alumni who have gone on to successful careers in athletics, sports journalism, and the business of sports.

Can you guess the class years of these graduates?

  • Lenny Wilkens
  • Cammi Granato
  • Rudy Cline-Thomas
  • Doris Burke
  • Rich Gotham
  • Kim Miale
  • Billy Donovan
    Options: ’87 ’60 ’01 ’93 ’87 ’86 ’00

Friar Dom points to the clock in front of Slavin while Huxley holds his head, worried they are late.

The End of the Tour

You’ve come to the end, and you’re not sure you have all the information you need to find the hounds’ meeting … or when they are meeting.

But then, you pull out that paper you found as the tour began.

Cryptogram, with a blank answer key above and a series of letters below